Temperature Sensor Specific

For specific temperature monitoring situations such as vaccine storages, fish tanks, outside temperature, boilers, freezers, fridges or other heavy-duty conditions.

iSocket Temperature Sensor Specific with IP68 protection class will be the best solution for heavy-duty conditions such as a fish tank with salt water or a boiler that heats up to 100C (212F), or oil, or vaccine storages and other freezers / fridges. Its heavy duty TPE cable will also stand up to the cold conditions of a freezer. The temperature measurement range is between -55C (-67F) and 120C (248F). It can be located 10 feet (3 meter) from the iSocket unit.

When use for remote temperature monitoring of vaccine storages or other refrigerators or freezers please check that 3 mm diameter of the cable is tolerable to go under the rubber door sealing, otherwise you may need to make a drill or a gap in the sealing. Protective PVC sleeve over the cable was mainly designed for salt water - you may carefully remove it for other applications but you don't need to do it if you don't want.

For use with iSocket of the new generation since 2021. Especially tested and approved to use for vaccine storage temperature monitoring.

Vaccine storage monitoring from iSocket

iSocket against COVID-19. Control vaccine storage temperature and power outages to your medical fridge.