iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

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iSocket is truly plug and go.

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Configure without configuration

Take a look at a few SMS commands that make iSocket smarter. Works worldwide, from any phone, no apps required, no configuration required. Go smart with iSocket!

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android


The easier way to be the boss of your house in a seconds.

Text MAKEMEBOSS to iSocket and your phone number will automatically be assigned as the master number. Protection by the list of phone numbers will also be activated. Your number will be assigned for all types of alerts that iSocket can send to you. Finally, limitation of a configuration window will be disabled and you will be able to re-configure iSocket remotely at any time.

One command will do all these for you. Nobody else will be able to access your iSocket from now on. You are in control of your house now!

iSocket does not limit you to only one master number. You can add additional users later. You will find details in the user manual.

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Stay informed with iSocket!

Send the command ALERTME from the number which you want to be the number for alerts and iSocket will automatically assign the phone number from which you have sent it as the number for all types of alerts. You can send ALERTME from any number which is included on the security list.

iSocket can inform you in the following events.

  • Break-in
  • Power failure
  • Temperature breaks thresholds
  • Smoke or fire
  • Water leak
  • Gas leak

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iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android


Whenever you want to know how long since the last power failure, restart or power on your appliance has been turned on, you may text RUNTIME to iSocket and it will inform you about the start-up time of the device.

  • Simple monitoring of the run time of your appliance
  • Simple control of activity in your home

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Quality documentation

Refer to the User Manual to find the full advantages of iSocket® Smart Software. It is truly user-friendly compared to the unintelligible characters offered by other devices. Moreover, you can use additional applications for you smartphone for even more easily management and configuration.

User Manual (iSocket Environment Pro)

User Manual (iSocket HomeGuard, iSocket PowerWatch, iSocket EcoSwitch)

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android