Temperature Sensor Ambient

Precision ambient temperature sensor for use with new Plug-and-Go iSocket since 2021.

Ambient temperature sensor that is not faking readings but shows you precise value you have at that particular point where the sensor is located. This is a good choice for ambient or room temperature monitoring with no mess of cables. Due to its tiny L-shape it seats on the bottom side of the iSocket unit and should be fine for a limited space, for instance near the floor.

Please note that since it measures ambient temperature you need to consider location for the iSocket units very carefully. This sensor will show you the real value - more real than any other system with a hidden sensor will show you. Most systems with thermostats use averaging algorithms because the temperature at different points in the room is different - near the window or heater, near the floor or ceiling - the temperatures will be different. Very often wall sockets are located under the window next to the radiator - this is the worst place for iSocket with the ambient temperature sensor due to the a huge dynamic of temperature changes from the window and the radiator. You should not place iSocket unit with the ambient sensor this way. Otherwise please consider iSocket Temperature Sensor Specific, which has 10 feet (3 meter) cable and can be placed on the distance from the iSocket unit.

For use with iSocket of the new generation since 2021.

iSocket has been the world's first smart plug for power outages alerts with temperature monitoring features for fridges, fish tanks, etc. In 2021 we introduced the new iSocket that works out of the box. Power failures control is easier than ever now! Meet new Plug-and-Go iSocket®