iSocket® Smart Software

iSocket® Smart Software is the group of more than 100 commands and 10 major alerts together with apps for your smartphone.

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100+ commands!

iSocket devices have professional software with many unique features which are not available in other devices. In some competitive products some functions are theoretically available, but a closer look will reveal clearly the advantages of iSocket.

About some commands

Activation by call

iSocket can activate several functions with a phone call, apart from just switching. You can also initiate a restart or activate a microphone. While some products do not support any operations by calls, iSocket can perform some simple operations of your choice. Moreover, you can do remote switching and remote reboot without payment for a call - due to intelligent software of your iSocket gadget.


iSocket can perform different functions at pre-defined intervals. This function is not limited to just stop/start. You can even configure iSocket to send you its status (including temperature information) after set periods. You can enable or disable the alarm function at set times (e.g. nights only).


iSocket gives you a choice of 3 security settings to choose from. You can control security by password or by a number list or a combination of both at the same time. In additional the configuration window is limited. You do not need the caller ID function enabled on your mobile phone if you do not require it, because iSocket will allow you to use password protection alone. On the other hand you can use only phone list protection, which means you don't need to add the password to a command each time!

Smart Alerts Technologies

iSocket is fitted with several intelligent software technologies to make your life safer, easier and more comfortable.

  • iSocket® Alarm Notifier
  • iSocket® Temperature Notifier
  • iSocket® Power Notifier
  • iSocket® Smart Confirmation

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iSocket® Online 24/7

A unique feature that gets the device back online even after a break in the mobile network. If you have ever worked with devices fitted with a mobile module you will recognize the problem that the device sometimes hangs up. What is the point of having a device for remote switching if this feature doesn't work because the device is unavailable?

Where other products hang up, iSocket will still work!

With the iSocket® Online 24/7 feature, your device will never be unavailable, provided there is mobile coverage to the unit. You won't need to drive long distances to restart the device.