iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

With iSocket your Smart Home becomes really clever

Get prompt alerts - no matter how far you are from home – with or without an internet connection.

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iSockets® are not just another remote switch. They fit well to your smart home as a stand-alone solution to alert you to problems in your home: power failure, break-in, temperature increasing or falling down, gas leakage, flooding and so on. They do NOT rely on Wi-Fi connection in your home and they work with any cell phone - literally. Our concern is to provide you with prompt and reliable alerts - you decide what action needs to be taken.

Power Out? iSocket Alerts!

iSocket will send you power failure notifications by text, voice or email

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Vaccine storage monitoring from iSocket

iSocket against COVID-19. Control vaccine storage temperature and power outages to your medical fridge.

iSocket has been the world's first smart plug for power outages alerts with temperature monitoring features for fridges, fish tanks, etc. In 2021 we introduced the new iSocket that works out of the box. Power failures control is easier than ever now! Meet new Plug-and-Go iSocket®

Remote power switches from iSocket - Web interface

iSocket will work as remote cellular switch to reboot your appliances connected into iSocket

You can use it for locations where Wi-Fi is not available or to reboot Wi-Fi routers remotely.

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