Smart gadgets for Smart Homes

Probably the best ready-to-use plug-in socket-style devices for remote control ever made.

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iSocket is a universal, simple solution for your Smart Home

iSocket will operate with different electric appliances in your Smart Home or as a stand-alone gadget depending on your needs.

  • Remote power on and power off for appliances
  • Remote reboot for your IT-equipment if it hangs up
  • Power outage notifications to your cell phone
  • Remote listening of your room
  • Home alarm system in a few minutes
  • Break-in alerts to your mobile phone
  • Water leakage alerts to your mobile phone
  • Remote thermostat
  • Temperature information to your cell phone
  • Gas leak or fire alarm with alerts to your cell phone

Amazing amount of extra features

iSocket offers you more features that any other smart plug on the market.

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Just plug it in

There is no need to install complicated remote controlled systems. Just plug iSocket into your wall socket. No special skills are required. You can connect almost any appliance that has a plug into the iSocket.

  • Fridge
  • Heater
  • Cooler
  • Boiler
  • Lamp
  • ...

Go smart

Cellular based solution

You can install it in the the middle of nowhere, without any Internet connection - just a mobile signal.

Availability of genuine accessories

iSocket Sensors

Additional applications for easier management

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager apps for Android & iPhone.

Attractive design

The quality appearance of the iSocket makes it a perfect gift for friends and family.

No service fee and free of charge operations

  • iSocket® Smart Software allows you to switch or reboot your appliances without payment for the call
  • We do NOT charge you monthly
  • You can use SIM cards from your favorite mobile operators or prepaid cards
  • Apps for Smartphones are free too

Balance of price and quality

Email support from the manufacturer

Write us in any time, from any place, about everything you want to know about iSocket. We are passionate about helping you with your iSocket and our aim is to help you promptly. Our solid backup support is our strong competitive advantage.

While products of competitors cannot make you happy

We deliver positive emotions into your home