Master of the house

Take control with iSocket, hassle-free! Worry about power failures? Spoiled fridge? Pets left in caravan? Keep up to date about the situation in your house or travelling home. Get alerts immediately anything happens.

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How do YOU see the Smart Home of the future? Control the heating system in your home remotely, control your air conditioning and ventilation via mobile phone, switch lights on and off remotely with a mobile phone – these things are not new and are already popular. Start the lawn irrigation equipment remotely or open a door by mobile phone – these are also popular applications. What about doing the washing, preparing a meal or feeding the animals? Remotely. From a mobile phone. All ”things” via one mobile phone – that is the future. Internet of Things is indeed the technology of the future.

STOP! This text was written in 2010. Now this is not the technology of the future, but of the present! Meet new Plug-and-Go iSocket that works out of the box and is designed for all new mobile networks!

Smart Home over the mobile network

One of the benefits of iSocket is that it operates over the mobile network. This means that you can use iSocket even in places where no Internet is available. Most of today’s systems are far too complicated. iSocket is very simple to use. Just plug it into the wall socket and it’s ready to use. True. Only your imagination and the technical capabilities of the device limit the applications for the product.

Meet new Plug-and-Go iSocket®

iSocket in your Smart Home or office

Meet new Plug-and-Go iSocket®

iSocket reports power failures