iSocket HomeGuard has been our bestseller for over 10 years. This iSocket could do almost anything and received a lot of positive feedback. In 2021, we introduced a new iSocket that works out of the box. This amazing new iSocket can do even more than the previous iSocket HomeGuard. Meet the new Plug-and-Go iSocket® with energy meter!

New! iSocket with energy meter

Plug-and-Go solution for equipment failure detection, energy consumption monitoring and power outage notifications with all other alarm monitorings.

iSocket® is a smart plug that notifies you about power outages, temperature changes, water leaks or other alarm events on remote sites directly to your phone via cellular networks. Since 2021 iSocket is a Plug-and-Go hassle-free solution with integrated connectivity that allows your iSocket to work out of the box. This new iSocket is capable to measure current flow from the wall socket into your appliance. This feature allows you to detect appliances failures or measure power consumption (energy metering). With optional sensors you can build a simple smoke alarm, motion detection alarm, gas leakage alarm or other alarm systems. You do NOT need Wi-Fi!

The new iSocket is also an ideal solution for temperature control of vaccine storage in medical refrigerators.

iSocket has been designed with rigid security in mind and yet Plug-and-Go. We put all our 10+ years experience into this new iSocket. We invented these technologies long time ago when the world did not know about them.

You manage your new iSocket from a convenient iSocket IoT Portal account that we create for you based on your order.

iSocket with energy meter

5.0 (based on 12 reviews)

iSocket with energy meter for United States and Canada

 From ordering to installing, everything went smoothly and gently. What an easy way to set up!

 From ordering to installing, everything went smoothly and gently. What an easy way to set up!

5.0 By from Belgium

A small cost for the peace of mind and comfort that iSocket gives you.

With iSocket your home will be under control. The new iSocket is a smart gadget that allows you to monitor temperature, power and provide security and safety monitoring for your home or office remotely in a new way.

Technical Data & Features of iSocket with energy meter

Product name:
  • iSocket Pro Energy Metering
  • NEMA 5-15, North America
Main Applications

  • Energy meter: remote control of power consumption of connected appliances
  • Alerts about power outages / power restore: text, voice to your mobile phone or by email
  • Precision temperature monitoring remotely: ambient, room, vaccine storages, freezers, fridges, fish tanks (aquariums)
  • Remote power switch - remote on/off & reboot
  • Different remote alarm monitorings via mobile network without Wi-Fi: water leak, fire, burglar, gas leak
  • Remote control & alarm for sun powered homes
Built-in rechargeable battery

  • iSocket® Power Notifier - a feature which will notify you in the event of a power outage or when the power is restored
  • Li-ion or Li-po high quality batteries with excess capacity cater for signal delays in the event of a break in the mobile network before sending the power outage alert
  • Charging from internal charger about 10 hours if totally discharged
Safety and security monitoring systems that you can build with this model

(with notification to your mobile phone)

  • Home alarm system
  • Remote temperature control system
  • Power loss notification system
  • Remote on/off reboot system
  • Gas leakage alarm
  • Water leak alarm
  • Burglar alarm
  • Smoke or fire detection alarm
  • Temperature fall/rise alerts system
  • Motion detect alarm
  • Door opening alarm
  • Power failure alarm
Temperature Control Features

  • iSocket® Temperature Notifier - notifies you in the event of the room temperature falling below or rising above critical levels
  • Thermometer: temperature measurement
  • Thermostat: turn on/off equipment by thermostat's settings
Power Input (Supply Voltage)

  • 110-240VAC, 50-60Hz
Power Consumption

  • Stand-by power ~1W, Green Power
Output Relay

  • Remote turn on/off or restart of 120VAC/240VAC appliances
Power Rating

  • Max. rating 2000W (16A at 120VAC); 4000W (16A at 250VAC); continuous resistive load
  • Nominal rating 1800W; 3600W for 230VAC
  • 3000W (13A at 230VAC) *For UK market
  • 2300W (10A at 230VAC) *For Australian and New Zealand markets
  • 2400W (10A at 240VAC) *For Swiss market
Input for Security & Safety Monitoring Sensors

  • Mini-jack 3.5mm connector on the rear of the device
  • Support logical 12VDC sensors: motion sensor, door opening detector, smoke detector, water sensor, etc.
  • iSocket® Alarm Notifier – a feature which send alerts to your phone when external sensors was activated
  • Support several numbers for alerts
Input for External Temperature Sensor

  • Mini-jack 2.5mm connector on the rear of the device
  • Support sensors from the original manufacturer, which are water-proof, with measurement limits from -55C(-67F) to 120C(248F) and ±0.5°C accuracy from -10°C to +85°C
Mobile Network

  • Integrated true IoT connectivity
  • iSocket® Online 24/7 - gets the device back online even after a break in the mobile network
Type of antenna

  • Integrated

  • POWER green
  • GSM blue
  • OUT red
Operation Conditions

  • Indoor use, dry conditions
  • 0C – +30C (32F – 86F) *According to certifications (official range)
  • -15C – +40C (5F – 104F) *According to experience
Store Conditions

  • -30C – +50C (-22F – 122F)
Weight / Dimensions

  • Weight Net/Gross (approx.): 250g (0.55lb) /
  • Product dimensions, LxWxH (approx.): 2.56x1.77x5.51 inches (65x45x140 mm)
  • Product in the package dimensions, LxWxH (approx.): 7x4.52x3.15 inches (180x115x80 mm)

  • FCC compliance

  • 1 year (for some countries 2 or 3 years)

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