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Is there a thief in my house?.. Is there a power failure in my home?.. What is the temperature in my greenhouse?.. Do I have water flooding my basement?.. Is the gas-stove in order and is there a gas leak in my house?.. Is the iron actually switched off?.. Are there any signs of fire in my home?..

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iSocket® Alarm Notifier

A feature of the iSocket device which will notify you in the event of a break-in, smoke or gas detected, water leakage. You can receive notifications in various ways. iSocket can call you or send an SMS when the sensor detected alarm event.

iSocket® Power Notifier

This feature will notify you in the event of a power failure and when the power is restored. Just set up the mobile number to be notified. Once this number is configured you will receive power off alarm to that number whenever power is interrupted and/or restored. Our benefits that make us different from competitors that we use reliable battery sufficient to provide power failure alert even after a break in the mobile network. Moreover, alerts can be sent to several numbers!

Power Outage Alarm

iSocket® Temperature Notifier

This will alert the user if the room temperature falls or rises beyond critical levels. This smart feature of iSocket is easy to use. Just set up one or two thresholds and you will be informed when deviations occur (e.g. the temperature in a greenhouse falls- or the temperature in a warehouse rises above- acceptable values).

iSocket operates over the mobile network and you need not worry about losing the Internet connection in your home in the event the wi-fi router hangs up or for any other reasons. In fact, you can even use iSocket to reboot your router if it hangs up. How else could you do this other than with iSocket operated via the mobile network?

iSocket® Smart Confirmation

This advanced technology - which is not available on inferior, low price devices - allows you to make sure that your action has really been performed and gives you extra peace of mind. For example, if you have send a command to turn off the appliance connected to iSocket and have received a confirmation you can be sure that this is not just a confirmation of acceptance of the command by the device, but that the device was indeed switched off. It is safe!

Power failure alert is backed up with reliable Li-ion or Li-po batteries instead of an unreliable supercapacitor such as is used in cheaper products. Alerts can be sent to up to at least 10 different numbers.

10 major alerts

With the features listed above iSocket can alert you in the following situations

  • In the event of a break-in (with iSocket Sensors Kit1)
  • In the event of fire (with iSocket Sensors Kit2/3)
  • In the event of a gas leak (with iSocket Sensors Kit4)
  • In the event of a water leak (with iSocket Water Sensor)
  • When thermostat has switched connected appliance
  • When the temperature has risen above a specified level
  • When the temperature falls below a specified level
  • When power was lost on the remote site
  • When power is restored
  • Every time when certain command was executed

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