iSocket for remote light control, remote power on and remote reboot

Remote Light Switch

Add extra safety and comfort to your Smart Home

The concept of remote light control has recently become more popular. People use it for different reasons. Some just enjoy the comfort and want to switch on a light before arriving home, others are concerned about security and use a remote light switch to simulate occupation of the house, or for other purposes. Some models of iSocket Power Sockets can be used for just these applications and act as a remote light switch. Just plug the light into iSocket and you can activate remote power on by SMS or a phone call.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android
iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Remote power control, remote power on

Control a power in your Smart House

Another popular feature is remote power on. iSocket can also be used for this purpose. It provides on / off remote control of the appliance connected to it. Do you need to power on your heater remotely? Not a problem – just plug it into iSocket. Do you want to start a pump to water the lawn while you are away from home, or even on vacation in another country the weather has suddenly changed? Just plug the pump into iSocket before leaving home and remote power on will be available for your pump in any time. Remote power control is available for any variety of appliances which are fitted with a plug: lamps, heating and cooling systems, irrigation pumps, computers, TV, swimming pool pumps etc.

Remote reboot

Don't hang up!

Does your router often hang when you are away from home? How to reset router remotely? Here again iSocket can help. For example, remote reboot pc or remote reboot for modem / router can be activated using this in the event of a hangup. Just plug the device in and you can control it and activate remote reboot by SMS or phone call. The owners of servers can benefit from the remote reboot server option provided by iSocket. Should your server hang permanently just send an SMS or call to iSocket and it will perform remote restart server.

iSocket Smart Plug SMS Manager Android

Remote light and power control with iSocket 3G

iSocket 3G is the simplest model of iSocket Smart Power Socket, which is able to act as a remote light switch. This product from iSocket Systems has the remote power on and remote power off features for your appliances, which are the main functions of this Smart Power Socket. The model is available with different configurations of plugs and connectors for most countries.

Thus, iSocket 3G is a simplest solution for remote power control, remote light control and reboot with a power failure notification feature!