Comparison of iSocket Smart Sockets

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iSocket PowerWatch for power outage monitoring for North America
iSocket PowerWatch
iSocket Environment Pro for remote temperature monitoring for Canada, USA, Mexico and other countries with NEMA plug
iSocket Environment Pro
iSocket 3G for power outage and temperature alerts
iSocket 3G
Main application Power cut alarm
Precision temperature monitoring
Power outage and/or temperature monitoring
Ready to use product Yes
Built-in rechargeable battery

Power cut and power restore alerts by sending SMS
Power cut and restore alerts by calling you - -
iSocket® Power Notifier - a feature which will notify you in the event of a power failure or when the power is restored
iSocket® Temperature Notifier - notifies you in the event of the room temperature falling below or rising above critical levels -
Temperature rise/fall alerts by SMS -
Thermometer & Thermostat -
Thermometer: temperature measurement provided by SMS -
Thermostat: turn on/off equipment by thermostat's settings -
Outputs 1 relay
Remote turn on/off or restart of 120VAC/240VAC appliances by sms or call
Remote turn on/off/restart by SMS/Call
Delayed start/stop, turn on/off for a certain period -
Scheduling turn on/off -
Input for Security & Safety Monitoring Sensors -

Support Security & Safety Monitoring Sensors - -
Support logical 12VDC sensors: motion sensor, door opening detector, smoke detector, water sensor, etc. - -
iSocket® Alarm Notifier – a feature which send alerts to your phone when external sensors was activated - -
Support several numbers for alerts - -
Relation between input and output can be configured -
input -> main relay
Temperature Sensor -
input for 1 external
input for 1 external
Three security levels
Free of charge operations

No service fee to manufacturer or dealer
4-band worldwide GSM 850MHz/900MHz/1800MHz/1900MHz
Support for 3G networks - -
iSocket® Online 24/7 - gets the device back online even after a break in the mobile network
Type of antenna Integrated
SMS control and configuration with traditional "old" phones
FOTA (Firmware Over The Air) - -
iSocket® Smart Commands ALERTME
Applications for Smartphones Android
Warranty 1 year (for some countries 2 or 3 years)
Designed and manufactured in Finland
Listed price Obsolete Obsolete $219
Discounts today - - $219 $208.05
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