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iSocket® intelligent devices are designed to provide security and safety monitoring of your premises and control of electrical equipment remotely. iSocket devices can provide valuable information about the state of the premises via the mobile network. Our basic iSocket GSM power sockets are designed just for remote switching and reboot and they can do it for free! And advanced solutions from iSocket can do more. They can send you temperature information via the mobile network, send you power failure alerts, notify your mobile phone when someone breaks into your home or in the case of fire or gas or water leak. They can function as a thermostat because of its built-in thermometer, which controls the turning on and off of equipment dependent on your settings. A built-in microphone in some models allows you to remotely hear what is happening in the room. iSocket products combine the best hardware and software technologies from a true European manufacturer.

Choose the iSocket you need for your Smart Home

Remote controlled socket for America

iSocket EcoSwitch

iSocket PowerWatch for power outage monitoring for North America

iSocket PowerWatch

iSocket HomeGuard - home security device for USA, Canada, Mexico

iSocket HomeGuard

iSocket Environment Pro for remote temperature monitoring for Canada, USA, Mexico and other countries with NEMA plug

iSocket Environment Pro

Temperature sensor for remote temperature monitoring

Short temperature sensor

Temperature sensor for remote temperature control

Long temperature sensor

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